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Reckless Kelly : Wicked Twisted Road (Sugar Hill)
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Reviewed on 2005-07-21
By Kevin Wichman

Do not put this Reckless Kelly album in your iPod before a work out, save these jams for the night out. Wicked Twisted Road is the fifth remarkable album from an always original, and hardly known Texas quintet that remains unclassified successfully by listeners into one particular musical genre. Are they classic rock? Roots? Country? Country-Rock? …or somewhere in between? In an industry bent on directing artists into specific categories, I’ll be the first to call this bands style what it painstakingly is… cool. Undeniably, consistently cool songs throughout, on an album once again that never tires around the lake, at the campfire, or in your car at the closing of a drawn-out day.

Depending on the track, the band crafts a record that encompasses diverse styles and instruments, starting slow with the acoustic title track “Wicked Twisted Road“, followed by “Dogtown“, whose soft melodies depict a pure, classic country sound. An Irish track is third up called “Seven Nights in Eire“ with talks of crazy nights enjoying the company of beer and friends. Moving forward there are five raucous jams with rasping guitars and vocals alike, all hinting comparisons to both their rock influences, The Eagles and .38 Special. “These Tears“ is a favorite rocker, with a strong chorus hook of ‘these tears don’t fall for you‘ grabbing hold on a song about overcoming the misery of a broken heart. Eventually coming full circle, the album ends as it begins with more roots country. The last songs of the 13 track disc could be my favorite. Record execs agree, naming “Stick Around” as the lead single off the album, its’ video can now be seen online at or through sporadic rotation on the cable network. “My Baby’s Got a Whole Lot More“ is the final wisdom induced track inspired by half a life spent on the road with a conclusion to stay home more often. The latter could be the most repeated of all.

As any great original style of music it can’t be truly understood unless fully experienced. Check out the album and go see them live when in town. They have been voted in the past years as one of the best live country music acts throughout all of Texas. Popping in this album is a breath of fresh air to complement and please any car ride. Despite your direction headed, it’s always a joyful journey down the wicked and twisted road when riding with Reckless Kelly. 4 out of 5 Stars.

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