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Coterie Theatre (Everyday Heroes & Everyday Heroes: Sacagawea)
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Reviewed on 2004-02-24
(Everyday Heroes) and (Breath of an American Spirit: Sacagawea) (Runs March 2nd through March 28, 2004)
Yes folks this time there are two great plays running at the same time on different dates.

Everyday Heroes: Is a new young adult drama by Laurie Brooks. In Everyday Heroes, a nationally acclaimed playwright for young adults explores the role of heroes in this investigation of 2 teenage brothers caught by the media in a lie. Initially hailed as heroes by the press, their actions are placed under scrutiny. The pressure on the boys, their mother's alcoholism, and their suppressed emotions - are noticed by a female firefighter who offers to help them.

Breath of An American Spirit: Sacagawea: Is a Coterie commission by Christina Anderson. It weaves together history and contemporary theatre as a young student searches for her poetic voice through her research on the mysterious 17 year-old native guide. Written by Kansas City native Christina Anderson, the play focuses on the Lewis and Clark story from the unique point of view of Sacagawea and York. For tickets and times for each play, call 816-474-6552. The Coterie is located on the ground floor of Crown Center.

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