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New Theatre Restaurant (Barefoot In Park), The
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Reviewed on 2004-04-23
(April 14 - June 20)
Join Marion Ross (from Happy Days and The Drew Carey Show) and Paul Michael in Neil Simon's romantic comedy "Barefoot in the Park". Enjoy a marvelous dinner before the show and sit back to enjoy a fantastic play. Bringing Mr. Simon's funniest play to Kansas City was a stroke of genius. This is indeed one of the most successful hits ever produced on Broadway, running for more than 1500 performances.

BAREFOOT is a romantic comedy about opposites. Newlywed Paul (Craig Benton) is a conservative, buttoned-down lawyer. His wife Corie (Jennifer Mays) is a free spirit. She chooses an apartment, (that barely fits their budget), for them to begin their married life together. This is where the conflict and comedy begins. She sees it all as romantic and he sees it as a disaster. And it sits atop a five-flight apex with a hole in the skylight. Marion Ross plays Mrs. Banks (Corie's doting mother and Paul Michael is Victor Velasco, the eccentric opera buff who lives in the apartment buildings attic. Corie arranges a dinner party and invites her mom and Victor. This kicks off a wild evening where their relationship grows.

This is a very funny show everyone will enjoy. Call 913-649-SHOW for more information.Tickets available at Ticketmaster outlets, and

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