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The New Theatre Restaurant (Foreigner)
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Reviewed on 2004-12-19
(Runs November 10th thru Feb 6, 2005) Richard Kline is back in town, returning to the New Theatre stage after his wildly successful run in 2003's "Caught in the Net". He plays Charlie Baker, a man completely devoid of personality, when a friend leaves him for 3 days in a fishing lodge in rural Georgia.

Charlie is so socially inept that the idea of having to make small talk scares him to death. So he pretends to be a foreigner who can't understand a word of English. This leads to a lot of hilarity; yet Charlie uncovers a scheme that puts everyone in danger. He manages to defeat the bad guys and solve his own personality problems. He even gets the girl! "The Foreigner is a farce with a heart, full of wacky humor and a surprising amount of humanity. The New York Post calls it: Devilishly clever and very funny!"

His co-stars are Joicie Appell, Craig Benton, Scott Cordes, Seth Golay, Jennifer Mays and Michael L. Rapport. Seth Golay and Richard Kline had me laughing in the isle. You simply have to see it to appreciate the clever and often hilarious stchick.

And prior to the show enjoy a gourmet meal with all the trimmings. Call 913-649-SHOW for more information. The New Theatre Restaurant is located at 9229 Foster (Just off Metcalf) in Overland Park, Ks. The Wall Street Journal calls it "the best dinner theatre operation in the country". For more info visit

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