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American Heartland Theatre: From My Hometown
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Reviewed on 2005-07-22
Runs through August 21st at Crown Center
by Marieann Koehler

This production features classic soul hits. All the rhythm and blues music you can think of from "Mr. & Mrs. Jones," to "Working in the Coal Mine," of which there are 24 and also includes 8 extra original songs composed by the authors.

The production was conceived by Lee Summers and written by Summers along with Ty Stephens and Herbert Rawlings Jr. It is directed and co-choreographed by Kevin Ramsey. Leslie Dockery also co-choreographed. Music Director is Anthony T. Edwards. Christopher L Morgan plays "Memphis," David St. Louis is "Philly," and Lawrence Stallings portrays :Detroit." The story line is these three meet outside the Apollo Theatre in Harlem while waiting for a vocal audition. They are hoping for their big break because they are down and out. They eventually find out the three working together is the best for them and they get to show their work in this way.

These three men are very talented. Each can sing and dance well by themselves but putting the 3 together really is fun to listen. They can blend well and their harmonization is spectacular. The whole audience gets into it. They want to clap as well as hum along with them. It is a very enjoyable and entertaining evening. One you will not want to miss. Give it a try. Also the comfort of the theatre is one of the best in KC. There is not a bad seat in the house. The management allows you to bring your drinks into the theatre to enjoy. Another nice thing at the American Heartland is the fact that the actors come out afterwards to meet and ! greet&nb sp; the audience. These three were very generous with their time, signing autographs as well as posing for pictures. Come and see this very talented and fun show.

For more information see their website: or call 816-842-0202


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