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New Theatre Restaurant- Funny Money
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Reviewed on 2005-11-18
Written by Ray Cooney
Directed by Dennis Hennessy
Runs through February 5th, 2006
Review by Marieann Koehler

If you want to have a fun evening especially if you need your spirits lifted, see this well acted and entertaining show. As you know we all loved Fr. Mulcahy (William Christopher) from the TV Show M*A*S*H. Well, he is the perfect guest star to play this role as a mild-mannered, timid accountant Henry Perkins. Henry's life is simple, ordered and boring until one night after he left work discovers that he picked up the wrong briefcase as he left the train. .He thought he hit the same thing as a lottery in a few minutes because it contained $1,650,000.00 in cash. As he tries to decide what to do, he feels it belongs to a gangster so why not keep it. He imagined all the things he could do with it. But then he felt they will come after him so he wants to clear out, leave town, job, house, everything. The plot thickens because there is mistaken identity, murder, body in river, greety friends, etc. To add to the merriment a great supporting cast of Dodie Brown, Jim Korinke, David Fritts, Cathy Barnett, Tim Cormack, Eric Johnson and Vincent O. Monanchino.

As you know with all these great actors adding to the hilarious, laugh-a -minute fast moving farce, you will surely have one of the nicest evenings spent in a long time. Next best thing about the New Theatre Restaurant is the food. They have the finest chefs in the world. Both palate and presentation of food is met. The theatre meets both the entertainment and restaurant or call 913-649-SHOW (7469).

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