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New Theatre Restaurant: Out Of Order By Ray Cooney
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Reviewed on 2007-12-18

Ann and I always look forward to enjoying ourselves for a cherished evening with the stars at our favorite local entertainment venue, The New Theatre Restaurant in Overland Park.

Most all the featured comedies are truly funny, ranging from amusing to riotous, titillating to uproarious. This may have been the funniest comedy we have seen there, believe it.

Gary Sandy (Andy Travis, WKRP in Cincinnati) did his professional best, as expected, and his fellow players in Ray Cooney's Out of Order kept up with him to deliver a well-timed, fun filled comedy presentation that is guaranteed to make even the sourest puss laugh out loud.

Director Joe R Fox, III did a great job in coordinating a huge number of complicated comedic gifts… he’s a natural comic. Addison Myers as the Bellman delivers well in a funny part… I know I’ve see him somewhere before. Heidi Stubblefield as the Secretary/Mistress showed charm and her good looks kept us of the over-the-hill gang alert with our eyes wide open when she was on stage.

There were no weak players. All done one nearly perfect set with an amazing magic window sash which had a remote controlled mind of its own. There were laughs almost from the start and right up to the last line. We need humor and we need it right now. And they said their lines so all could understand them.

Review by:
Keith Johnson
Publisher of the Johnsons County Gazette

Find more information and show times visit the New Theatre website at or call 913-649-SHOW (7469).

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