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Fun Orlando, Florida Travel Tips 7
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Reviewed on 2003-09-01
When the weather turns cold and winter is upon us, people look to warmer vacation spots. Orlando, Florida offers a warm climate and a plethora of entertainment. Last issue we outlined the various choices of dinner theaters in the Orlando area. Here are more details:

Medieval Times Horse lovers can choose between "Medieval Times" and "Arabian Nights".

MEDIEVAL TIMES offers Dinner and a Tournament. Yes, enjoy a medieval feast while watching daring knights compete in tournament games and jousting matches.

ARABIAN NIGHTS ARABIAN NIGHTS offers the magic and excitement of the world's most famous horses and spectacular riders in the Palace of the Horses, the largest indoor equestrian arena in the world! Enjoy a prime rib dinner with unlimited beer, wine and soft drinks, while watching the horses. And stick around after the performance. They let the horses play in the arena, which is fun to watch.

Sleuths Mystery Dinner Show Mystery Theatre lovers can pick from 6 different murder mysteries at "Sleuths Mystery Dinner Show".

Pirate's Dinner Adventure You can also choose "Pirate's Dinner Adventure," complete with a full size pirate ship. Sit back and enjoy dinner as the Pirate crew entertains and gets some help from the audience. Al Capone's takes you back to the roaring 20's, speakeasy clubs, and prohibition. Enjoy an Italian meal, as you watch the club show. Don't be alarmed if gangsters drop

Yes you will find many choices of dinner shows when you visit the Orlando Area. For more Orlando travel info... Visit:

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